A ‘green business’ event recently held at Dunhill and sponsored by Bank of Ireland explored the benefits of investing and setting up environmentally-friendly businesses.
Attended by entrepreneurs from across the south east, the need for greater Government incentives, the current grant scheme system and the sector’s encouraging future outlook were all discussed.
Also present was Green Party Chairman Dan Boyle, who stated that while an economic corner had not yet been turned, “we can at least now see the corner”.
“A year ago, we were in a similar economic condition to what Greece now finds itself in, but there’s no doubt that we now find ourselves in a slightly improved situation. There will be growth, but it will be slow, sustainable growth.”
Senator Boyle added: “Regarding alternative energy, I believe we lost a genuine opportunity to invest in such energy, when you compare us to what was achieved in wind and solar power in the late 1970s in Germany and Denmark, for example.”
Senator Boyle identified wave and tidal power as potential areas of significant economic growth looking to the future.
At the conference, Nora Widger of Bank of Ireland Waterford re-iterated her bank’s support for businesses working in the energy sector.
“We are keen to invest in wind farm projects and have already done so. We’ve also invested in heat pumps and a range of other energy efficient measures.
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