Major high street retailers are said to be noting new commercial developments in Waterford city with keen interest, The Munster Express has learned.
The re-opening of Waterford Crystal in its new Visitor Centre on The Mall and the regeneration of the ‘Historic City Centre’ have been widely identified as positive, income-generating innovations for the city.
With that in mind, the major high street names which didn’t come Waterford’s way during the boom years could capitalise on the “buzz” that Mayor John Halligan has noted around the city in recent weeks.
The retail committee which is to be formed under the ‘Destination Waterford’ umbrella, which has the full backing of City Manager Michael Walsh and Waterford Chamber, will soon kick into gear.
With six specific objectives identified by the committee already, it’s hoped that their work can drive Waterford forward and present the city as an attractive location for businesses such as Marks & Spencer.
“The city centre is taking on a new lease of life,” said Waterford Chamber CEO Michael Garland.
“Through practical initiatives such as ‘City in Bloom’ in which our own Retail Committee was a prime instigator, it’s clear that there are many means available to us when it comes to making our city centre more attractive.”
The new ‘Destination Waterford’ retail committee has identified promotion as a key area which needs to be developed and expanded when looking to the future.
According to City Manager Michael Walsh: “We have the infrastructure in place to win back shoppers who may have opted away from Waterford over the past few years.”