Q1 Scientific, a global leader in stability storage for the pharmaceutical industry, announce further investment and growth at their Waterford headquarters.The company first established in 2012 with a 5,000 Square foot storage facility and have now just completed the company’s third expansion taking the facility to 15,000 square feet of pharmaceutical storage in Waterford.

Stability storage is a regulatory requirement for pharmaceutical and life sciences firms carrying out R&D and is also required for quality control. It is the placing of samples for testing in storage at controlled temperatures for specified periods of time and is used to establish shelf life

Work on the company expansion began early last month and this work was completed in January 2020. Q1 Scientific now manage 30 Walk in stability chambers, 15 Reach in stability units and provide storage from -80C storage up to +50C with a full range of humidity control.
Q1 Scientific is part of the supply chain process for a number of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and their keen level of service combined with industry demand has seen the company grow and increase its capacity by 500%, within the last six years.
Commenting on the investment and expansion Q1 Scientific CEO Stephen Delaney, “Q1 Scientific is revolutionising the way pharmaceutical companies store their products, helping to improve the speed it takes for drugs to reach the marketplace along with saving pharma companies the expense of building and monitoring storage chambers. We were the first company in our sector to establish in Ireland and we are now global leaders in pharmaceutical storage services.

Q1 Scientific CEO Stephen Delaney and Company Founder Louise Grubb.

Q1 Scientific CEO Stephen Delaney and Company Founder Louise Grubb.

We very much become a seamless part of our client’s organisations and by doing so we enable them to focus further on their own particular areas of expertise and R&D. In a global context, Ireland is a major player in pharma, with all of the world’s 10 largest pharmaceutical companies operating here; this combined with having a significant track record in clinical and academic research too offers the optimum marketplace for our expertise and specialist services.

Stephen continues that while Q1 Scientific has just completed this expansion, even further planned growth is on the horizon. “Over the next number of months we plan to commence a new recruitment process, increase our handling area capacity and we are looking to further our storage chamber areas too.”

Q1 Scientific has been providing their expert services to pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies since 2012. Q1 Scientific clients are mainly large blue-chip multinational pharmaceutical companies, predominantly Irish based firms including both indigenous businesses as well as well-known multinationals. In addition, the company also stores samples from firms in the UK, Norway, Germany and the US who manufacture products that are destined for the European market.

To view a time-lapse video of the expansion works undertaken and for further details on Q1 Scientific see: www.q1scientific.com