Council’s prioritised work programme:

Tramore Town Council has committed itself to seven sets of approved works for the rest of the year, which has been prioritised in the following order:

1: Waterford Road, 2: Old Crobally Road, 3: Seaview, 4: Church Road, 5: Roselawn, 6: Sweetbriar and 7: Main Street.

Work is currently paused on the town’s ‘Slí na Sláinte’ while work has commenced on the Waterford Road footpath which will then be surfaced in conjunction with the Slí footpath to reduce the cost of the work.

Agreement has also been reached with the owners of the Tramore Racecourse for a sliver of land to facilitate the construction of a new section of footpath.

Meanwhile, reconstruction work on the Ladies Slip is “substantially complete” said Area Engineer Jane O’Neill, who said the works represented a “substantial saving” given the re-use of rails that had been previously used in another area. 

General receipts down almost €90,000 in four years:

General receipts at Tramore’s Civic Offices stand at €54,849 for the year to date, Tramore Town Council was told last week.

This represents a fall of almost €90,000 when compared to the 2005 figure of €144,415. It is believed that an increase in internet-based payments may explain some the discrepancy.

However, motor tax receipts remained high, with this year’s total to date standing at €307,473, just short of 2008’s total tally of €310,449. There have been 1517 motor tax transactions to date this year, higher than any of the annual tallies recorded in the 2005-08 period.

Action needed on dogs fouling on beach:

Dogs ‘doing their business’ on Tramore’s beach remains a problem, according to Councillor Lola O’Sullivan (Fine Gael).

“I believe we need new signage to make it clear to everyone using the beach that no dogs are allowed on it between 11am and 7pm daily,” she said.

“In fairness to the dog warden, he does go down to the beach on a regular basis but that alone is not going to solve the problem. I would appeal to the Council to get a few new ‘corry board’ signs, which wouldn’t be too expensive and to erect them on the beach as soon as possible.”

Cllr Blaise Hannigan (Independent) said in the event of a person not claiming ownership of a dog ‘caught in the act’, then the dog in question “should be impounded”.

A dog park is currently being considered by the Council for dogs who may “roam off lead”.

Effect of cutbacks hitting home:

Tramore Area Engineer Jane O’Neill informed Councillors that strimming was now being used to tend to ditches and hedgerows in place of hedge cutters due to tightening Council purse strings.
Meanwhile, a “good uptake” on the town’s landscaping sponsorship scheme has been reported by the Council, with offers to sponsor five of the town’s seven areas currently on the table. More details on the schemes will be provided once these agreements are signed.