WIT Business School and Library are pleased to collaborate with the Credit Union Managers Association (CUMA). Both share overlapping educational goals of enhancing managerial capacity in the region and in the credit union sector. Lisa Stapleton , CEO of CUMA, commented that the changing nature of personal financial services and the importance of maintaining the pre-eminent position of credit unions, underlined the value of continuing professional development to credit union managers.
Towards that end, the Association was pleased to provide financial support to the Luke Wadding Library for the acquisition of suitable learning resources. Kieran Cronin ( deputy Librarian) welcomed this support and confirmed that a process of carefully aligned procurement will now follow on a phased basis.
John Maher (Business School ) expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of Lisa and her membership, and recognised the manifestation of WIT graduate ideals that it represented.
He noted that the front line experience of management and staff in credit union is a critical resource in meeting the needs of credit union members. It also helps the process of adapting their organisations to changing social, economic and technological conditions. By continuing to develop their expertise, credit union managers will undoubtedly play a vital role in maintaining the relevance and effectiveness of credit union business models.