Dungarvan will play host to intelligence officers, former US Secret Service agents and members of international police forces next month, when some of the world’s leading cybercrime fighters meet for the biennial Global Intelligence Forum.
Hosted by the Ridge School of Intelligence Studies and Information Science at Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania, the three-day event will include discussions on the most recent innovations in business intelligence, best practices for security analysis, global cyber-security threats and the impact of social media in security and intelligence management.
Kevin Giblin, the executive manager at Mercyhurst College Ireland, said the forum will attract people from the business community, academia, security specialists, technology companies, and global corporations as well as government representatives and those involved in the area of business intelligence.
“The forum has an incredible line-up of expert speakers that will provide the latest insights and innovations in security, business intelligence, data management and the use of technology to counter criminal and intelligence threats,” he added.