S1LogoOne of the most popular attractions at almost all events in recent years is the ‘Most Appropriately Dressed Lady’ competition. And the Iverk Show is no different.
If it is a sunny day, dress up or if it is a rainy day get the brolly and wellies out. One way or the other there are fabulous prizes to be won including a fantastic perpetual cup for the winner.
Ladies how would dinner, bed and breakfast in the luxurious 5* Merrion Hotel in Dublin appeal to you? You will also get a €400 voucher for the flagship store of Irish designer Louise Kennedy. You will be met with a glass of champagne with a personal shopping experience. Only at Iverk Show!
If you come runner up you will get €150 from Mary McEvoy (A Slice of Heaven). Third prize is a meal for two and a bottle of wine at Anthony’s Inn in Piltown. Entries are taken at the show on the 27th August.
Believe it or not it was there where it all started all those years ago in 1826. The Iverk Farming Society was formed on October 24th 1825 at a meeting in Anthony’s Inn with the first show in 1826. The 4th Earl of Bessborough wanted to improve farming in the area and proposed a competition between his steward and local farmers.
The tug-o-war really cannot be beaten for excitement. Following immediately after the final of the Aldi, ABP, Irish Angus Bull Calf championships the crowds cheer their local team. I guess you could hear the roar 20 miles away!
Another favourite with both the exhibitors and the spectators is the renowned Iverk Show great cherry cake competition. Sponsored by our local company Iverk Produce it carries a first prize of €200. Annually there are around 100 entries. To celebrate 190 years since 1826 wouldn’t it be great if we had 190 entries. What a sight that would be. What a job that would be for the judges to pick a winner.
Looking back at the show catalogue for 1966 – half a century ago – the baking competition sponsored by Royal Baking Power had 20 entries. There were five prizes plus three ‘consolation’ prizes. First prize was £3.
In 1966 there were 145 classes in the show with 830 entries listed in the catalogue. Fast forward to this year there are a total of 347 classes. In 2015 there were approximately 1,700 entries listed
Another highlight of the show is the final of the All Ireland Broodmare and Foal team championship sponsored again this year by Investec Wealth and Investment. This is a great championship as the good mare has to prove herself by breeding a good foal. They are judged as a unit.
In 1983 this was a first for Iverk Show as this was the first ever All Ireland Championship where horses had to qualify at other shows in order to attend the final. In the first year there were 65 qualifying shows with four regional finals and 15 mares selected to attend the Grand Final at Iverk. The prize fund was £3,500.
This year there were 24 qualifying rounds with the winner of each coming to Iverk for the final. Great credit must go to the Iverk Show, the Irish Shows Association and the sponsors for keeping it going for so long.
There are of course many more attractions at this year’s show. We look forward to meeting you there on the 27th August.