Efforts are to be made to re-open Tramore’s recycling centre, adjacent to the old town dump for a day or day and a half per week.
At the Town Council’s monthly meeting Cllr Blaise Hannigan raised the subject, emphasising the importance of the facility for the county’s largest town and a major tourism centre.
The centre was closed on the basis of not being viable but he felt it was important to give it another go and check out the demand for its usage. He suggested one day a week as a compromise.
Town Manager Brian White said he would ask the County Council’s Senior Engineer to look at the possibilities. There had been reductions in Council income, forcing it to re-examine a whole range of services. And next year would be no different.
But the centre’s closure had been on a trial basis and they would revue the situation, mindful of the financial position pertaining and the possibility of opening for a day or day and a half each week would be examined.
Cllr Hannigan wondered if the service could be outsourced and the Manager said all options would be considered, but the facility was licensed to the County Council and it was not transferable. The preferred choice would be for the Council to operate the service itself, if it could afford to.
Mayor Ann Marie Power said they should write to Environment Minister John Gormley. “He’s so green at the moment he might consider funding of some kind”, she opined.