Some years ago, the wonderful Lismore writer and artist, Corina Duyn, wrote and illustrated a most beautiful and inspirational book of poems and images, attached, that dealt with her battle with M.E., a debilitating illness. It was obvious then that she had a definite talent for writing and storytelling.

Corina Duyn has now turned her hands to a wonderful set of stories about a five inch fairy, Cirrus from Cloudland. Aimed at younger children and families who read stories together, this little book is beautifully produced and published by Little Wings. The Illustrations are a joy to see.

This will probably be the first in a series of books and this one, Cirrus Chronicles – Landing In Ballynelligan, is such a treat and a seasonal treat at that, as there is a Santa Man. Not only that, but there’s a special St. Stephen’s Day creature, Stephen Wren, a descendant from the King Of All Birds.

Cirrus is dressed like a rainbow and is full of curiosity about the world and about Lismore and travels abroad on a striped Zebra. I love the real world around Lismore that Corina Duyn has conjured up, especially the Cloudland International Rainbow Dance Festival, where the cloud fairies dance and eat sky-blue candyfloss and drink rainbow lemonade. You may even learn Cloud-Hole-Jumping.

The book has lots of amazing creatures and none more so than the trainee Guardian Angel at Guardian Angel College, who roller skated in the shadow of the Knockmealdown Mountains.

The famous actress and storyteller, Nuala Hayes, came to the Summerhouse in Lismore this week to launch this book and created a lot of happiness as I know this book will also create.

Who knows, but at some future date, people may come to Lismore to track the habitat of the many creatures in this book.