Wit its pun on its origins in Tramore, the Drawmhor Art Group have moved up a step, or several, by bringing their considerable talents to the Granary at Waterford Treasures.

Mick Flavin has a theme of beauty and age, with six portraits in grey acrylic on canvas. The images are cropped like photos and the final age-ravaged painting is over-dramatic.

John Gallagher has developed a much more quirky style with a skull as a Supercentenarian portrait. His Bruce portrait is excellent.

Ann Finnegan continues the quirky imagery with a clever Happiness Is A Butterfly and her Lavender Fields is exceptional.

Maria Finnegan has a beautiful lilac toned sky in her Wishing Tree and her Inis Tualsceart (The Sleeping Giant) is an excellent study of an island full of mystery and possibility.

Joe Fogarty excels with six acrylic paintings that deserve a return visit to savour the detail and emotion in their imagery. Bed Of Rocks catches the subtlety of a rockpool as a girl bends with her hand rippling the surface. The Waiting Place has a lover’s quality, a special place suffused with tones and a glow of natural light. The Lookout shows a lovely solitary figure on a beach in a fine sheen of light. My favourite is his detailed photostudy style of Making The Effort, where a woman with a walking stick at the gable of a house feeds birds on the ground. Very evocative.

Mick Flavin painted two poster images to advertise Stagemad Theatre Company who premiere an American play, Sandbox by Gino Dilorio on 29th to 31st October at Garter Lane during the developing Imagine Festival.