Bath in Somerset is one of those must see small English cities.
I had not been there in decades and took it in on a recent road journey to London
Just 3 hours from the Ferry terminal of Fishguard in Wales, it is a great stop over point on
your way to the English capital. Stena Line operate a year round service nd book early
for best fares from 100 euro
We found it convenient and recommend it as you can discover country side and visit
Gower Peninsula near Swansea, Margam Park or Cardiff in Wales if you have time.
You can also get there via air from Bristol with a bus connection to Bath of 30 minutes or
less for 11 pounds,
There are train connections from Fishguard to Bristol
Birmingham where Waterford has a Flybe service is another option, with trains
Bath is old world, much of the wonderful city dates from the 1700 to 1800s but if you
want to really go back you have the Roman Baths of Minerva, still operating today.
Best to book ahead as it is popular with Londoners for weekends and overseas people too.
We loved the white sand stone building with the Crescent houses like Royal Crescent
It brings back a dream of the Georgian era like Dublin when the aristocracy had their big
town houses.
Now the city lives off tourism, education with 3 universities and nearby industrial city of
Bristol and the M4 corridor
Some folk even commute up to London 90 minutes away in a fast train.
Culturally it has festivals all through the year and is a little like Galway from that respect
But is very English
Food options are great and a nice mix of friendly pubs and art centres
It really has loads to offer from history to shopping and culture.
We stayed in the Bay Tree Guest House comfortable and central with parking available
A pricy item in busy Bath
The hotels were all booked out as it turned out due to late reservation but Louise
was a good host
Double rooms for 75 sterling at the Bay Tree for two less than 100 euro.
Thing to do
See the world famous Roman Baths, the Crescents fine buildings from 1700s.
The Americana museum – where they had an American gangster exhibition about
prohibition a bit like the Boardwalk empire TV series was popular.
They also have a wild west theme, maybe an idea for Waterford here.
Art, Georgian gardens, spa visitor centre, Jane Austen centre and even a fashion museum
The famous Beau Brummel lived in Bath, the gentry lived it up here and made the town
famous for fashion and fun.
Again fashion is a niche and even a fashion week is held here in April. Lots of good
shopping in the old town area near the Baths.
Bath Rugby club famously playing at the Wreck where Munster have clashed on
occasion, racing is another attraction, with a fine racecourse on the edge of town.
Music festivals rock to classical, Christmas time sees one of Britain’s best seasonal
markets in Bath. Mozart is on now. In mid August there is a folk festival May is time for
international music festval and later that month is Royal Bath Show, a little like Iverk
and is a farm show. The Iverk group may be there next year.
Theatre Royal for top shows, you will also find opera and classical music venues.
Komedia for great comedy stand ups and good 80s Tamla motown music afterwards.
This used to be an old disused cinema and now is a thriving venue, a little like the Forum
in Waterford .
Irish pubs are in the area too if you feel home sick also some live music places,
Have good walking shoes as the city is hilly and well worth exploring.
If you do the ferry remember if you have a car you might take advantage of getting
cheaper wine on way home after budget price rises, but remember petrol is cheaper in
Ireland so fill up there in a 15 per cent differential.