Vicki Graham has succeeded and made the only remaining aspect of the Waterford International Music Festival, that came after WIFLO, a significant theatrical event at the Theatre Royal. It was to have been a  three-day event but, due to problems, we got two short-form (50 mins) shows on the Friday from Dungarvan’s Encore Stage Academy and Gorey Community School. On the Saturday, with a 7.30 start, there were three shows, from Mallow, Malahide and Dunboyne and these brought a strong orchestral pit as well. Sharon Clancy provided professional adjudication and brought great energy, enthusiasm that has given her a West End presence, as well as a career in theatre, television and film. Her comments were supportive and encouraging. Lynda Lawton of Lawton Media brought the information and organisation up a significant notch, with increased sponsorship. There was an informative programme and expert technical assistance from the Theatre Royal. Eoin Sheridan worked miracles with lighting and the doyen of sound men, Vinnie Osbourne, was on top form. On the Saturday it was great to see a capacity audience with a double-decker and two other buses outside the theatre.