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The second Kav Fest took place last weekend in Tramore. The event moved to August this year from July, when it replaced the annual Tra Fest.

Again the weather man proved kind on both the Saturday and Sunday.

Up to 1500 people were estimated to be at the closing band on the Sunday, Ska Rude who played cover music from bands like Madness, the Specials etc. They proved really popular and had the young people clapping their hands and dancing on Strand St. above Ladies slip.

The organisers of the festival June and Geno Kavanagh joined their son, Owen, on stage, with the ska group and thanked the audience for coming along as well as the local sponsors O’Shea’s, Tommy Bohan’s of Cuil Tra, Murphs and the HiB.

Earlier Dublin Band – Blood or Whiskey played, on the style of the Pogues, they had plenty of loud raunchy numbers. Rising in stature they supported the famous Pogues in New York gigs this year. Hard to make out the lyrics on first hearing again they had the crowd rocking.

One of the more amusing songs they played was called “There is a Poxy Pub in my Neighbourhood.”

Prior to them Shane Barry and The Distractions played some nice brass and jazz style.

Ghetto Armaretto, a local Waterford band, played earlier on the street and afterwards in the Baldy Man, many of the bands eventually played in local pubs after their gigs.

On Saturday, they had a lovely sunny day for the stage, in the Baldy Man car park.

Competing with Ladies Day at Tramore Races and other events and gigs like Andy Irvine the numbers were not as strong, but still there was good music on offer.

Waterford star Katie Kim was one of the performers at around 6.30pm, she was followed by Black Robots Myp et Jeep.

Orphan Code performed for the final slot at 9.15pm. They have played in America and produced a record in San Francisco and have been on national radio and TV in Ireland.

Geno promised another Kav Fest next year.

They got a great round of applause for bringing live music on the street to Tramore from the townspeople for their efforts.

Well done for the clean up afterwards.