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Central Arts will host the return by popular demand of John McKenna’s critically-acclaimed play Lucinda Sly on 10th October.
Written and directed by the renowned Carlow born writer John MacKenna and produced by Mend & Makedo Theatre Co, the play reveals the true story of the last woman who was publicly hanged in Ireland. Lucinda’s moving story impressed audiences and critics alike when it toured Ireland back in May.
In March of 1835, approximately ten thousand people flooded the streets of Carlow to see the hanging of Lucinda Sly and John Dempsey. It was to be the last public hanging of a woman the town would see. Sly and Dempsey had been convicted of the murder of Lucinda’s partner, Walter. Lucinda was 58 years old and John was under half of her age at the time. They were also lovers.
Lucinda Sly is a twisting tale of love, lust, land and murder. It is both a heated and formidable play intended for an audience of over–sixteens only.