e4s1 pic 1WHAT do you get when you put two of the south east’s most talented female musicians and three of the region’s most experienced folk musicians together? What you get is magic.

What a treat it is to see this fabulous mix of musical genres in this great venue, where you can hear every note without some loud mouth behind you who loves the sound of his own voice, yapping away… we’ve all heard that guy before.

Little did we know that Richie Mc has been hiding, a rich deep voice behind the bass guitar for years. We also had Paul and Jerry, who have played with the best and still have a passion for their instruments that do the talking for them. Solos on accordion from Susanne were so sweet at times, it would almost bring a tear to the eye. If you miss hearing songs sung with passion, defi nitely don’t miss this star in the making on lead vocals. Cliona Lilly’s version of Strange Fruit had a purity and rawness that is truly rare these days.

John Buckley