A story of childhood abuse and how one woman faced her past, and ran towards her future
By Stephanie Hickey

In Running from the Shadows Stephanie Hickey tells, in her own words, how she survived abuse at the hands of a trusted family member and of how running, a simple physical activity helped her achieve mindfulness, but also to rediscover love and faith in her body – to reclaim it.
running from the shadows
Charting her life growing up in the rolling countryside of Waterford in the safety of her beloved family to the moment her childhood was shattered, to the court case where she waived her anonymity, to how she was able to reclaim a sense of herself through the sport which became like a therapy, Running from the Shadows is told with humour, strength and incredible courage — a book that reveals how, even when things seem at their bleakest, a run through the Irish countryside, can bring you back into the light.

Stephanie Hickey lives in County Waterford with her partner of sixteen years. She has four children and runs most days in the valleys of the townlands where she grew up. She ran a half-marathon six months after taking up running and she has never looked back.

Editorial note
Stephanie Hickey (46) along with her sister, Deirdre Fahy (52), waived their right to anonymity at a sentence hearing in July 2017 so their abuser and brother-in-law Bartholomew Prendergast (66) could be named. Prendergast was sentenced to 10 years for the sexual abuse and rape of the two sisters and a third woman over the course of 12 years.
Running From the Shadows is published by Hachette Ireland in Trade Paperback and was launched on Thursday last 6th February.