Waterford Camera Club’s summer exhibition, incorporating the work of sixteen local photography enthusiasts, opened last Friday night. The show features sections on landscape, portrait style, audiovisual and mounted pics and runs this week at the Soma Gallery in Lombard Street. Well worth a look, it includes over 100 pictures and showcases a cross section of styles and subject matter.
With over 80 members, secretary Thomas Gee says the Club has never been more productive.
“Digital photography has opened the way for a lot of people interested in cameras to get motivated about taking pictures because they can immediately see the results of their efforts. Things have come a long way in the Club’s 29 years.
“The Club was formed in 1972 when a number of photographers got together in the old Metropole Hotel, amongst them Jack Kirwan, Sean O’Brien, Nancy O’Brien, PJ Cummins and George Wright. Both professional and amateur photographers would have joined the club, as is the case now.
“Today, some 39 years later, the Camera Club is still going strong and now has over 80 members. The input of some of the professional photographers, like Noel Browne, Jack Kirwin and Terry Murphy, would be very well received. There are so many misconceptions about boudoir photography that I want to clear up before we get started
“At our meetings, we would offer tutorials on cameras, photoshop etc, which woud be especially useful to beginners. Then we’d also have a nightly competition, which is an open competition or an assignment challenge, where you’re given a topic and you work to this, similar to the way a press photographer is sent on a job.