Gavin Downey

Sponsors and organisers of the Little Red Kettle show A Midsummer Night’s Dream. | Photos: Gavin Downey

Defying the current economic gloom, Red Kettle Theatre Company is set to open its biggest – and most magical – production to date this weekend, staging A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a Big Top circus tent adjacent to the People’s Park.

The show had originally been planned for the Park itself but was relocated to the old Brook’s site on Park Road because weeks of inclement weather made erection of the Fossetts’ Circus tent nigh impossible at the former location.

The 500-seat venue is set to house the much-loved Shakesperian comedy of rival lovers and feuding fairy royalty for just ten nights, along with special matinée performances for schools. Fair City actor Seamus Power plays the garrulous, hairy-faced weaver Bottom, the only character in the play who crosses over between the human and fairy worlds which run parallel in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He told The Munster Express that the production would be a magical show that appealed to all ages, particularly in its recreation of the enchanted fairy world.

See The Munster Express newspaper for full story and photos.