N15S1 Pic1 SOCIAL media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have increasingly become dominated  by cranks wishing to vent their many frustrations.
Politics, music, television and sport are just some of the popular topics which are  regularly the subject of intense online vitriol.
However, one local Facebook page is seeking to promote all that’s positive in Waterford  and has attracted significant support in its quest to do so.
Within six weeks, the ‘Waterford In Your Pocket’ page has gained more than 2,500 ‘likes’  and looks set to grow even further.
Posting regular updates on what’s happening in and around Waterford, the page  promotes positivity throughout the city and county.
As so many Facebook users now access the site through their smartphone, the new page  literally presents users with a slice of Waterford in their pocket.
Last week I sat down with Paul Dower, the man behind the popular page.
Paul, who is from Mayor’s Walk and now lives on Barrack Street, believes positivity needs to be highlighted across Waterford.
“In six weeks we’ve had 2,500 likes. This morning I was looking at figures for the viral reach of the page and it was 48,000 people – that’s half the population of Waterford,” he explained.