Poor old Jimmy was aware that he didn’t have long to live so he telephoned his solicitor and asked her to visit him as soon as possible in connection with his will.

The solicitor called to Jimmy’s house on her way home from work that very night and, after thanking her for her prompt attention, he told her he wanted to be sure that he was leaving all his money, all his investments and his entire property portfolio to his wife.

“However,” insisted Jimmy, “she will only inherit on the strict condition that she remarries within one calendar year of my death.”

After ensuring that the details in the will were correct, the solicitor packed away the documents but hesitated as Jimmy bade her good evening.

“Sir, my father was your solicitor before me and I have your best interests at heart so I hope you don’t mind me asking why you included such an unusual condition in your will.”

“My Dear,” said Jimmy in a grim tone of voice, “my wife is a nagging and mean-spirited woman. I’m probably a bitter old sod for pushing somebody else into her clutches but I want at least one person to be sorry that I died!”