APPARENTLY, the mobile phone ‘selfie’ craze also includes some couples taking photographs of themselves in intimate situations and often with no clothes on.

Of course, the trouble starts when the couple parts company and the nude ‘selfies’ become a source of embarrassment.

Many couple wish each other all the best and agree to delete the photographs taken in better times.

But, unfortunately, not all splits are amicable and, sometimes, such photographs become weapons to be used to the detriment of one of the partners.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, take heart because a new law was passed in Germany, last week, that will almost certainly be copied by other EU countries.

In Germany, now, you can no longer keep nude photos of your former boyfriend or girlfriend.

The new law says that, when you split with your partner, you have the right to demand that all intimate images they have of you be deleted.

The court found that one person’s right of privacy was more important than another person’s ownership rights to intimate photos taken during the relationship.

The case was taken by a woman who demanded that her partner, a photographer, should delete all intimate photos of her after the couple split.

It was decreed that she had the right to demand the material be deleted because her personal rights were more important than his ownership rights to the material.

However, the court rejected the woman’s demand that her ex should delete all photos taken of her and pointed out that clothed pictures had ‘little if any capacity’ to compromise her privacy.