N15S1PicB THE old adage that ‘age is only a number’ was highlighted to me this week when I encountered  a 91-year-old man in possession of as much vitality as a man more than half his age. I received  an email from Bob Rockett from Islandtarsney, Fenor containing an obituary of a friend of his  for inclusion in the pages of this paper. In the email, Bob, whom I had never previously met,  recounted vivid memories of my late grandmother May Anderson who was originally from  Lukeswell, South Kilkenny. She had spent time working in Tramore in her younger years and,  as Bob informed me, dancing at the crossroads in Fenor! As she passed away in 1997, I was  obviously delighted to read such memories from long ago. I decided I had to get to know this  interesting character a little better and my first port of call was to his website, the link to which  was included in the email. Along with my obvious surprise that I was engaged in a discussion  via email with a 91-year-old man, I was also amused that I was viewing his very own website! I  sat down with Bob in his home this week to discuss some of his experiences and discovered  that he is an accomplished author and something of a local celebrity. Bob, a retired farmer who  will celebrate his 92nd birthday next month, is an example to everyone on how to embrace  change and live with a positive outlook on life. Although Jimmy Magee may hold the title of  ‘Memory Man’, Bob Rockett is most certainly a worthy contender for challenging the ownership of this label. I was amazed at how he fondly and sharply recalled many memories from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s as if the events in question occurred just last week. Born in 1921, Bob is Honorary President of Fenor GAA Club and former chairman; a past Cathaoirleach of the Eastern Board; and was an active member of Macra na Feirme. After being persuaded some years ago by many locals to record his memories in writing, Bob took to his new found hobby like the proverbial duck to water. His books, ‘Reflections of Rural Ireland in the 20th Century’, ‘The History of Fenor GAA Club’, ‘A Fenor Man Comes to Town’ and ‘The Last Man at the Gate’, provide readers with an entertaining and educational account of life in times gone by along with many photographs of local areas from long ago. However, Bob didn’t just write his fascinating accounts – he has embraced technology and is an avid computer user. He first became interested in using the computer to maintain contact with relatives in Australia, but subsequently discovered a whole new world. “I believe the computer has added about ten years to my life,” he said.