Climate Change is becoming a larger and larger issue and demonstrations are growing in cities including Dublin and LondonWhat are practical things that can be done here as a personal commitment?
Simple things like walking to shops more and driving less, getting out the bike from the shed might be another consideration.Back in the day, we walked and took buses to school and did not get a lift.
Could schools encourage more children to come without cars driving them there? We do not live in a dangerous country, they can walk to school safely.However, some rural roads can be dangerous as they are too narrow for walkers and cyclists and motorists can be going too fast.
Wearing bright vests in the winter months is recommended also for walkers and cyclists.
Climate change is a hot topic among the young generation and many are going vegetarian as a solution in their view to current farm methods of beef production.Beef though can be highly nutritious and should not be off the menu as some would advocate.It is also local and does not require food miles compared to for example avocados from New Zealand or the tropics.Air travel is another one, where people are saying they will travel less or use trains more where possible. Being an island, we are disadvantaged on this one.
Using public transport more for trips to Dublin can be a good thing too, although last week, we were on a bus that broke down on the M50 leaving Dublin.Other practical measures would be not overheating homes, wearing an extra layer of clothing can do no harm either. This also saves money.Some also suggest maybe driving the existing car for longer and wait and see how hybrid cars and electric cars develop. Getting an electric bike is proving popular too for older people and young alike. They cost over 1000 euro and can be an alternative for people where there are hills but note that they are fairly heavy and require some practice.
Climate change minister, Richard Bruton is optimistic that we can overcome the problems but the challenges are there to reach such targets by 2030.The motor industry has questioned them. New electric cars are expensive and with extra taxes the change will not be easy we believe, there might be fuel and carbon poverty. Many in rural areas are dependent on private transport and public transport is not good in rural areas of county Waterford.Fianna Fail have made a point on this matter in recent weeks after the Budget and Sinn Fein too. There will be opposition at times to climate change moves, it will be a difficult road and take time to make adjustments.