Each person living in Waterford spends €1,800 a year on energy costs which are poised to shoot-up following increased electricity and gas prices, according to the Waterford Energy Bureau, which has been set up to facilitate individuals and communities to become more energy-aware and efficient.

Most of the energy used in Co Waterford is derived from burning fossil fuels, either directly in the home or indirectly in power stations, which releases pollutants such as smoke, soot and carbon dioxide, one of the main “green house” gases.

Waterford homes alone produce about 225,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. It takes over 200 trees to absorb the carbon dioxide produced from one car and it is easy to see why the atmosphere is suffering.

The county needs to reduce the amount of fuel it consumed, according to the Tramore-based Energy Bureau. It wants people to reduce their energy consumption in the home by 20% to 25% a year by investing between €200 to €1,200 in remedial measures.

The Government’s Climate Change Awareness Campaign Roadshow visits Tesco’s Ardkeen store in Waterford this Friday afternoon. People can learn what impact their daily activities are having on the environment and will be shown how they can calculate their carbon count number.

Given the summer we’re having, the impact of climate change is finally hitting home.