It looks like our neighbours in Cork are not satisfied with one university and want two.

While we in Waterford don’t have one, they make their case for a technological university to go with the national university in that city.

It seems that more and more Institutes of Technology are beginning to follow the Waterford lead as the Minister dithers on a decision. The case for having a university in Waterford is well understood.

Getting Cork to apply for a technological university does not help full university status for the south east.

Maybe Cork knows something that we don’t. Is this a way out for the Minister to have some Institutes of Technology upgraded to this level?

Will Waterford be offered this option in a new type of process upgrade for third level institutions?

Cork it seems would be satisfied with a technological university, as they already have a full national university. That would suit them but may not suit Waterford and the south east.

Out campaign for the university will have much to ponder over the coming weeks.