The harsh weather before and after Christmas has had a most damaging effect on the county’s road infrastructure. Pot holes that might have been small prior to the winter have been enlarged by flooding in November and ice in December. The inclement weather has compounded their size. As traffic goes over these holes, especially heavy vehicles, it is likely that we will see pot hole collapses and subsequent road closures.
Ballycashin Road near Waterford is one road to suffer such a fate but how many more will there be? Is it not better for the council to take some remedial action now. A collapse of a road is a far more expensive proposition. Some Central Government funds that were promised for certain new roads could be re-directed to these serious situations.
Local authority finances are under severe pressure and they will certainly need some central funding. Perhaps some of the carbon tax money that the Greens gathered in via the budget could be allocated to this matter. After all, it is a road tax in essence.