A special festival on slow food eating is to take place in September. The slow food movement started in Italy over 20 years ago, as a reaction to the boom in fast food.

They want to encourage more eating of local produce. This would reduce the carbon miles of getting food from distant lands to Ireland. They also want to create more local pride in food and have it on menus here.

School children are being encouraged to learn more about food and its origins

and to avoid overeating of fast food and carbohydrates like chips.

Healthy eating should reduce obesity, more salads, fruits and vegetables are being encouraged in schools. Minister for Food, Trevor Sargent, is supporting such initiatives.

Broadcaster and writer, as well as restaurant operator, Darina Allen, spoke of the need for bed and break fast businesses to change their strategy and provide more local produce in their meals, whether it be local sausages, tomatoes, black puddings or fresh farm eggs.