As we enter an era of difficult public finances, it seems a terrible waste to have illegal bonfires causing a huge mess and a massive clean up bill of tens of thousands of euro.

In Britain they often have organised firework displays in public parks for November 5, Guy Fawkes Night.

Across the border in Derry there is a publicly organised bonfire for Halloween that is well organised and means that families can go together and there is less unruly behaviour.

Last year Lisduggan had major problems with drunken unruly mobs attacking Gardai. Residents were intimidated, as we recalled in our Weekender edition of The Munster Express. In Tramore two years ago there was also unruly behaviour and many arrests.

Youngsters still want to go out on Halloween Night. Parents of teenagers should have some idea of what is going on and whether they are drinking on the street and gathering in large groups.

There is a tradition of doing some mischief over Halloween or “gowling” as some local lads call it. Gathering in large groups can be a recipe for trouble if some want to outdo others.

In the old days it was singing songs at people’s houses. The trend of bonfires in urban areas is a recipe for disaster. This is hard to change so an organised one in an area may be best. Perhaps our public representatives have some ideas on the issue.