The Munster Express Heritage Awards Scheme, in conjunction with Dooley’s Hotel, attracted much interest last week. It showed what great pieces of heritage and history we have in our area from Hook Head, the tradition of goats in Bilberry, the Jack Burtchaell tours to the richness of Waterford Treasures at The Granary.
For the country in general, there is a need to try and focus on preparing for economic recovery. Industry is less competitive and Tourism will become of bigger importance in the future. We have many great places to visit in this area. We can recommend them to visitors and the more we become familiar with what is available the better it is that we can explain to visitors.
Waterford has great history and, as some of the attendees said, the Viking quarter will be a great boost to the city attracting English and European visitors. Americans, in particular, will be delighted to see the re-opening of a Glass Centre. Growing heritage and cultural tourism must be a goal for the future.
The Munster Express, with these awards, is promoting this element of tourism and is bringing to the fore the many historical and cultural parts that this area has to offer.