It seems that Kilkenny TD has had some rough treatment from our Taoiseach Brian Cowen. Open criticism is not allowed it seems of other cabinet members regardless of their weaknesses.

We would have to agree that the Tanaiste is better suited to Agriculture than Employment and Enterprise. A more experienced person like Mary Harney would be better off back in that post.

A Cabinet reshuffle may be needed before the elections to try and improve some confidence that is so lacking in Government at present.

The McGuinness interview on the Late Late Show showed some refreshing honesty and straight talking from a business man turned politician. This has earned him the sack.

Cowen requires Yes men it seems and is not prepared to face the fact that some of his Cabinet members may need changing.

It is only a matter of time before he will face a vote on his stewardship. This challenge could be envisaged after the summer election.

In the meantime, we would feel that some confidence improving measures are needed. Worries about the state rescue agency NAMA are growing, the International Monetary Fund are not impressed and got attacked by our Finance Minister Lenihan.

Are these the dying days of this administration?

The Greens hold the key to the length of this Government, but as long as some of their agenda is followed they will hang in there. The departure of McGuinness from the junior ministry may be welcome in some quarters.

The public sector did not like him because of his attacks on the cost of bureaucracy in Ireland and the need for reform. Did other forces propel Cowen to sack him also, if so it is a sad day for democracy.