The continued uncertainty in the country is not going down well with the public as Fianna fail clings to power. A change of Taoiseach is drastically needed to facilitate a national consensus on safeguarding the national finances.
Public anger grows as politicians and a recent poll even went so far as to suggest that they would rather the International Monetary Fund to come in and fix things, or the European Central Bank in Brussels and Frankfurt, than trust the unreliable figures from the Department of Finance issued during the banking crisis.
It was a good idea of the Greens Leader, John Gormley, to suggest a national consensus for getting the figures right for the Budget. Politicians opposing such an idea do so at their peril. Opposition for the sake of it is irresponsible. But a more open approach from Fianna Fail is needed. A new Taoiseach and Finance Minister making a fresh start would be a help and restore some public confidence.
The Finance Minister could be brought in from outside as a Senator. Economist Colm McCarthy could be one candidate or some one very experienced in how to save money in the public finances. An agreed Finance Minister with the other parties, who could be outside the political system, may be achievable. In America, during the Presidential election, there was a great mood for change. We are in that mood ourselves at present.
Let us not delay, let there be a big clamour that we are not happy with the present circumstances. Let us have change. We will not relent in our quest to have better governance.