It seems that the Health Safety Executive is determined to apply the new guidelines for the care of the aged in July. We wonder why this is so urgent.

In view of the cost of constructing new facilities in the middle of this dreadful financial crisis within the public finances, they should continue with the old system of such hospitals like St Patrick’s until there is a clearer financial horizon.

Why change a situation in St Brigid’s Ward and other Wards when the patients and staff are content? There is enough bad feeling in other parts of the health service among staff and patients that they should be more concerned about than pushing for change in John’s Hill.

There is a massive waiting list for St Patrick’s as it is seen as having better care than some private hospitals. Surely maintaining such a satisfactory patient environment should be the objective rather than having new rules that might disrupt same. 

The HSE chiefs may want to move this type of care too far forward in what is a very difficult environment. We would hope that the protestor on hunger strike at the hospital does not endanger his health, or that of his sick mother. The point has been made and has got plenty of attention. 

Are our Ministers strong enough to ensure St Patrick’s is left as it is. It must be cheaper in the near term.