While we all welcomed the Tour of Ireland cycle race to Waterford last week we would question why there were so many roads closed for so long. Even the Gardai were a little mystified.

Why close four lanes on the quays of Waterford, when maybe two should have sufficed and kept traffic moving, along this main national route.

Some AA signage a few days in advance would have been helpful, with more alternative routes offered.

There was some signage but was not adequate enough.

People travelling to Dublin and Rosslare were hit hard for flight and boat connections.

Waterford Airport was also affected as traffic came to a standstill.

We all want to assist sporting and public events but there must be some balance so that business is not brought to a standstill.

This matter could be raised at the next City Council meeting so that we do not have too many repeats, business is hard enough today we know.

Having two lanes open should have been enough, although some cycling enthusiasts would perhaps disagree. We wonder how other towns and cities along the route fared. Without a second bridge Waterford was left crippled by road closures that lasted nearly four hours.

The sooner we have more road openings and the second bridge the better.