As the Traveller feud continues in Waterford, the wider community is becoming increasingly angry and resentful of those who are taking up a huge amount of garda time and resources while dragging the city’s name through the mud at the same time. There is great sympathy for the gardai dealing with a very difficult situation but, to judge from growing mutterings in factories, offices and pubs, people are very unhappy about the overall situation. They have had more than enough and want it stopped by whatever means is at the disposal of the authorities.

There is no doubt now that, not only are the lives of those involved in the feud at risk, but also the lives and wellbeing of totally innocent citizens. From the reports of the various violent incidents already perpetrated, it is a wonder that a tragedy has not already occurred.

Many people are also unhappy about a perceived ‘softly, softly’ approach being taken and talk of mediators trying to appease those involved. The saga has also hardened entrenched attitudes and set back by many years relations between the settled and Traveller communities.