Last week we met with people in the transport business who told us about an initiative in county Kilkenny, where people would walk to school.

Elsewhere in the paper we have a piece about walking to school in Tramore, it seems that far too many parents drive their children to school.

Cycling or walking should be encouraged more and it is time perhaps that schools in the city and county took an initiative to try and ensure that one day a week for starters children walk or cycle to school.

The Green Party are in Government now and it is probable that they will get behind such initiatives. Parents too should be getting behind such a programme.

It is well known that during the school holidays there is much congestion on the roads. In terms of climate change and energy saving it would also be a good move.

There is also an argument that children could be fitter and in a better state of health if they walked or cycled more. A Department of Education initiative on this matter would be good.

Teachers and school principals will need to be get behind it and may need some guidance so that children stay safe. Parents Associations would also need to be consulted on the matter so that safety issues are addressed.

We look forward to reader views on the subject.