The announcement last week of a reduciton in manufacturing to just specialized glass was not a surprise. This had been predicted all year, the demand for a government guaranteed loan to maintain manufacturing was an indication of the company’s thinking.

Large losses and large debts afflict the company with 500 million euro debt in the Greater Waterford Wedgwood Group. Many of the workers felt it was coming and there was some air of feeling that the terrible day dreaded had finally arrived. Can the decision be reversed?

If there were different pay structures could it be saved from out sourcing, keeping the skill in Waterford should be a target.

Can the Government ignore such a flagship industry? Every assistance should be given to see what can be rescued, the banks seemed to get the best of help in different circumstances.

Extra consideration and attention needs to be given by Government to see what can be salvaged.

Losing another 250 jobs, plus the manufacturing base, will hit Irish tourism jobs too as it is a flagship factory that attracts many people to Waterford and Ireland.

An empty factory with a craft trail and exhibition pieces will not have the same attraction.

It would be a terrible shame to see it happen, the Government TDs will be under much pressure on this matter.

The impact of the measure may have been lost in the post Budget scenario, but should not be ignored or forgotten.