Two lifeboat crewmembers from Dunmore East lifeboat station and Dungarvan lifeboat station (now Helvick Head lifeboat station) are to be honoured on the RNLI’s first memorial. The memorial sculpture, to be unveiled in Autumn 2009 at the RNLI’s Dorset headquarters, will pay tribute to those who gave their lives while helping to save others. The majority of names on the memorial will be RNLI volunteers but other maritime lifesavers will also be rememabered.

Mr. P Bouchier from Dunmore East RNLI is recorded as having lost his life in 1893 from a capsize while on service and Mr. M Hogan from Dungarvan lifeboat died in 1895 from the effects of a service.

Ciaran O Mullain, Dunmore East RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager commented:

“While we remember our local lifesavers and loved ones who were lost at sea here in Dunmore East at our own memorial, this sculpture will be located opposite the Lifeboat College in Poole, where future generations of lifesavers and fundraisers will train. This memorial and those it remembers should further inspire them and all who are connected with the RNLI and lifesaving at sea.”

Iain Walsh, Helvick Head RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager added: ” It is fitting that our lifeboat volunteers and those that risk their lives to save others at sea and remembered and that their heroic acts are acknowledged.” The crewmember from the old Helvick Head RNLI station named Dungarvan at the time took ill after a rescue on Christmas Eve and died from the effects. While these events happened some time ago, it is right that they are remembered.”