As we go to press, we must say it is a very hurried election in a bad weather month.
This is not ideal for a current Government to get back in.
Getting the Brexit uncertainty out of the way is one excuse for it and also the weak numbers following by election losses.
One thing is sure is that we will have two new names in Waterford with John Halligan not standing. Another councillor is anxious to take his place namely Matt Shanahan.
John Deasy’s retirement leaves the way open for a new Fine Gael face representing Waterford.
Sitting TDs David Cullinane and Mary Butler look fairly safe to get back in is the general viewpoint and will be favourites.
There will be a great battle between John Cummins and Damien Geoghegan for the Fine Gael Seat.Labour’s John Pratt may do well but is a little far out west for city voters to know but being current Mayor of the county and city will stand to his advantage.
Labour could benefit from a national swing to that party as could the Greens and Marc O Cathsaigh is another dark horse, that could benefit from the national swing as he did in the local elections.
Eddie Mulligan will be pushing hard too for Fianna Fábut has much ground to make up.
Where will the Halligan vote go? Some could go to Sinn Fein, Labour and Greens but Shanahan hopes he will get the most benefit.Transfers could go in many directions and determine the last seat assuming FF,FG and Sinn Fein get a seat each.There will be some change though with new faces.At the end of the day though will there be a cabinet seat in Waterford? That will be a key point for the future.
More faces may enter the fray as we write this, with additional independents likely.
Brendan Halligan would have been a good candidate to follow on John’s work, who tried hard as a Minister to bring jobs to Waterford in his position as Minister for Skills and Training.