Great to see over 1,100 Gaelic footballers, hurlers and camogie players from all around the world come to Waterford for the GAA World Games 2019.As Mayor of Waterford, Cllr John Pratt said: “It is fantastic to see so many teams from around the world arrive in Waterford for a week-long tournament of Gaelic games. All events l take place in the fabulous WIT arena at Carrignore with the finals being held in Croke Park later in the week. Over the weekend some fantastic warm up games were held and many local GAA clubs are teamed up with foreign countries and hosting them. For example Gaultier with Brittany and Tramore with Canada.”
As we went to work on Monday, there was an international atmosphere and activity going on as players waited in their kit for bus transfers, other supporters walked around the city.
On Sunday evening there was an opening parade through the heart of the City and a big crowd assembled at Arundel Square in a week before Spraoi it put the city centre in festive mood And was a memorable occasion for many It certainly has put Waterford in a very good light as it showpieces itself. sports visitors can see the various sights during the week from historic sites, to the stunning coastline and beautiful scenery It adds to the vibrant and modern city centre this time of year noted the Mayor. The GAA in Waterford, may not have an All Ireland in their sights this year and we may not have had the thrills and spills of All Ireland semi finals, as we saw at the weekend.
But we do have the GAA World Games 2019. The wider GAA community are embracing the spirit of this festival of games and the ties of friendship that will be forged both nationally and internationally. Great to see the clubs link up and forge friendships and perhaps future exchanges again.Great to see also so many players, team officials, administrators, families and supporters travel to WaterfordIt is a great economic boost for the hospitality industry.More ideas like this are needed for the future prosperity of the area and
An opening of minds to the world outside at a time of Brexit, when other countries are turning their backs on co operation.