Congratulations to Fr Brian D’Arcy who celebrates the Golden Jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood this coming December.Perhaps best known as an honorary chaplain to the entertainment industry, he was known for many years as ‘The Showband Priest’. A broadcaster and journalist, Brian has always been frank and honest with his views that have frequently brought him into conflict with Church authorities. Still outspoken, he marks his 50 years as a priest with the publication of his new book, ‘It has to be said’
Brian D'Arcy
I haven’t read the book yet but I’m looking forward to it and I’m told it’s full of interesting and amusing anecdotes involving a wide range of people including Albert Reynolds, Queen Elizabeth, Terry Wogan, Jimmy Magee and Bill and Hilary Clinton.Brian’s public and infamous spat with the late Cardinal Cathal Daly on The Late Late Show is documented in a forthright fashion and he also deals with other dark episodes in his life.
It’s a long time ago since I met Brian in the old National Ballroom in Dublin’s Parnell Square. He loved the bands and they liked and respected him greatly but what wasn’t always mentioned was the good work he did with many of the young people who inhabited the dancehalls. They knew he was a priest but he was their age and so approachable. I’m pretty sure it was his words and advice that kept many of them afloat.