I was out of the country from Wednesday to Friday of last week. Almost precisely forty eight hours of unexpected sunshine and fun. I was with the common denominator in a group of five, so everyone else was new to me. Once the work was done the remaining time was spent in laughter and high jinx. It was a tonic to say the least. Two weeks wouldn’t have made me feel as vital and alive as two short days. There were several factors at play; it was only two days so I decided to make the most of it regardless of what happened. Secondly the weather was beautiful. I kept marvelling at the fact that it was the 4th of November and I was sitting by a pool feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin; I felt incredibly blessed. Thirdly, and unbelievably for a group of five Irish people who work in media, there wasn’t one mention of recession, depression or the economy! On reflection there was no declared moratorium on the subject or even a hint of an undercurrent of not ‘the war’. In this fresh, sunny environment we simply forgot and so it just never came up.

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