I often think that trials, no matter how small, can always teach us something we don’t know about ourselves or highlight something in our personalities or circumstances that needs to be changed or addressed. As I have learned over the years to look at adversity this way it certainly takes the sting out of most negative situations and it also seems to turn things around more quickly. Instead of tears, cries of ‘why me’ and general melt downs, which I am as capable of as anyone else, I try to see if there is a lesson buried somewhere in the set back.

Right now I am suffering from severe laryngitis. I have absolutely no voice at all and when I attempt to speak, all that comes out is a raspy, whisper at best. This isn’t the first time I have lost my voice but it is the first time in a long time and the first time I have really thought about it. Because I am very aware of the voice as an instrument I know what to do. The only answer is total voice rest. Even whispering is counterproductive as this still causes the vocal chords to bang together regardless of the low volume. I take regular glasses of warm apple cider vinegar which clean the voice box and spoons of soothing natural honey along with plenty of warm drinks. It is what it is and I know that if I stick to this regime it will all be fine in three to four days. However, three to four days of saying nothing is a long time when you are going through it.

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