Apparently, as well as a plethora of Waterford-based Manchester United and Liverpool fans, there are also more than a few Manchester City fans around the city and county of late.
Pep the driver
Good luck to them all and I hope they are very happy but, if by chance, the Man City Supporters Club invite manager Pep Guardiola over for a visit, could I respectfully recommend that they arrange to pick him up at the airport and drive him back for his return journey. The reason? It turns out that the talented football coach is a dreadful driver!

The Sun (and they know everything) recently revealed that Pep is on his fourth car since moving to Manchester in 2016. They don’t reveal what he is driving now but, so far, he has caused combined damages of £460,000 to an £80,000 Mercedes GLE, a £150,000 Range Rover, a £200,000 silver Bentley GTX700 and a £30,000 Mini Cooper. I wonder how much his insurance costs?