PicA They say that sentimental journeys can sometimes be disappointing but that was  certainly not the case in Ferrybank on Friday night last when the residents of  Rockenham, past and present, celebrated the 60th anniversary of the estate.

Flynn’s Bar was packed from early on as people came from all over Ireland and  Britain for the occasion and to renew acquaintances with old friends and  neighbours.

Just how far some of the apples have fallen from the tree was painfully apparent as  goodwill messages rolled in from every far flung corner of the globe: we have truly  gone forth and conquered the world!

It was a wonderful evening of smiles, handshakes, joyful tears and reminiscences of good times and bad.  Many glasses were raised to much loved and fondly remembered absent friends and family who were surely there in spirit.

Music was provided by the Eamon Murphy Band, Eamon being one of the many musicians to grow and blossom in Ferrybank. And there were a few house parties later on when a host of singers emerged to entertain!