A man was drinking in Heffernan’s Bar in Kilcohan one night last week when a beautiful young woman came in and sat next to him. He had never seen her before and didn’t engage her in conversation until she apologised for ‘accidentally’ brushing her ample bosom up against him. “Oh, I’m soooo sorry,” she cooed in a sexy London accent. One word led to another and soon they were deep in conversation and it was obvious to the other customers that they only had eyes for one another.

“Can I walk you home,” he offered at closing time. “Oh thanks very much, I only live down the road in Bracken Grove. I’ve just moved to Waterford and I’d love to invite you in for a coffee and a drink for the road,” she purred suggestively as their eyes met. He thought all his Christmases had come together as they walked down the road, especially when she snuggled into him out of the breeze.