Last week, Kilkenny City and County became the first dual authority in the country to officially outlaw sulky racing on public roads.
Following a period of public consultation, the Council voted in a new set of bylaws plus a number of amendments to existing regulations.
Sulky racing is banned on the roads and, from now on, any horse on a public road must have a licence and must be fitted with a bridle.
In addition to that, the animal cannot graze in a public place without written consent from the Council.
Councillor Andrew McGuinness brought the matter to the council when he was Mayor and said he welcomed the outcome of his original Notice of Motion.
“When I made this proposal, it didn’t come lightly. Sulky racing and the horrific abuse of horses in Kilkenny had, in my view, spiralled out of control,” he said.
Calling on other local authorities to follow Kilkenny’s lead, Councillor McGuinness said the new laws contained a number of measures that would help to create a much safer environment for horses while also making it difficult for people who really didn’t care about the welfare of the animals to actually own one.


There was an interesting little story last week about a woman motorist whose bad manners helped to earn her a hefty fine.
The Court was told that the woman was observed driving while holding a mobile phone to her ear.
Gardaí signalled her to stop and she complied but she then left the Garda cooling his heels while she continued her conversation.
It was only when she was finished talking that she rolled her window down and addressed the Garda’s questions.
In court, the women apologised for using the phone and for leaving the Garda waiting. She said the conversation had been about her mother who had been unwell.
Imposing a fine of €350, the Judge remarked that good manners cost nothing but bad manners certainly did!