An elderly couple from Passage East

One day last week, a garda on foot patrol along the Quay noticed a car double parked outside the Head Post Office. The car was unlocked, the key was in the ignition and the engine was ticking over so the garda knew it could only have been there a minute or two. He decided not to issue a fine but remained at the car with the intention of warning the driver that, apart from parking illegally, the car was a sitting duck for a thief.

He was waiting less than a minute when a well-dressed, elderly couple came out of the post office and immediately made a beeline for the car. Before the garda could get a word out of his mouth, he was verbally attacked by the pair. “Why don’t you feck off out of here and catch real criminals instead of bothering decent, law abiding people”, shouted the man. “That’s right, why don’t you go after the drug dealers you big, lazy clodhopper”, added the woman in a loud angry voice.