Brian Kerr’s performance at the World Cup on RTE has the nation talking. I have always had a lot of time for Brian and believe he got a raw deal from the FAI who succumbed to media pressure and removed him as manager of the senior national side without giving him a proper chance to create his own

However, that’s in the past and now he is giving us his opinions on the big games in his own, unique way.
Mary Hannigan of The Irish Times is a big fan and condensed some of Brian’s sayings into one sentence:

“The knicky-knacky redser was right to have a ging from there but it was a wojous effort, hit the ’keeper straight in the mush and now he’s gone down banjoed.”
Prompted by Mary and with respect and best wishes to Brian, here a few of my own favourites: “He gave him a right dunt there. Bump, shove, thump. I’d say we’ll have a bit of helter skelter around the goal now. Mind you, it looked like the goalie was gonna mill yer man out of it.”
“It looks like that was just a makie-uppie one but he’s gonna have a right rattle at this because they are in rag order there at the back.”
“That fella has been malojen. He did well at first but then he went down like a big whinge-bag. He looks more like a wingery type of bloke but he’s playing in midfield.”