Scientists using laser technology or UFO probes?  Take your pick!

Scientists using laser technology or UFO probes? Take your pick!

Even though most UFO ‘sightings’ can be attributed to regular air traffic, stray weather balloons and/or atmospheric phenomena, every so often an incident occurs that really fans the flames of the conspiracy theories.
Recently, NASA cameras aboard the International Space Station filmed the amazing sight of two dense beams of light directed towards Earth from space.
By chance, the display was captured on camera by a private enthusiast monitoring the live video feed.
It was obviously a rare sight but instead of letting the camera feed flow with explanations to follow, it appears a cautious official in NASA cut off the broadcast abruptly and, as a consequence, UFO enthusiasts around the world went wild with excitement.
Long ago, I learned never to rule anything out so, perhaps, there were aliens sending probes down to earth but it was probably human scientists experimenting again with laser technology using satellites.
Last year, the lads on the space station successfully sent a video to earth using a laser and it is believed such technology could hold remarkable possibilities for space communication as opposed to radio waves that are in use at present. Still, it was a good yarn while it lasted!