Round One

1. Little John was a member of what famous band?

2. Eureka – literally means what?

3. What’s the modern name of ancient Mesopotamia?

4. Waterford’s People’s Park was opened in which year?

5. If you were doing ‘pranzo’ in Italy what would you be doing?

6. Name of the exploited clerk in Christmas Carol by Dickens?

Round Two

1. How many squares are there on a standard board of Snakes and Ladders?

2. Chaturanga – a game played in ancient India but rules and format now standardised for over 500 years, is now known by what name?

3. The term Grand Slam originated in which game?

4. How many players are there on an Aussie Rules football team?

5. What game is fatal to any one over Twenty One?

6. Who said “I don’t care to belong to any club that would have me as a member”?

Round Three

1. What word could be a unit of weight, money or a place for dogs?

2. The well known Latin term meaning ‘for this purpose’ (2,3)?

3. In which European Royal Palace is the famous Hall of Mirrors?

4. A ‘Brakeman’ is used in which sport?

5. What’s the study of earthquakes called?

6. What did the Tin Man most desire in the Wizard of Oz?

Round Four

1. Who wrote the story of the Ugly Duckling?

2. The Suez Canal links which two seas?

3. The Musical West Side Story is based on which Shakespearean play?

4. The international company IBM has what one word Motto?

5. Yin and Yang are terms in what type of treatment?

6. The python is a poisonous snake- true or false?

Round Five

1. What’s the largest bird commonly found wild in Ireland?

2. Which fish is sometimes called the river wolf?

3. The old(er) Irish Penny – 1d – featured what creatures?

4. What’s the most cultivated fruit in the world?

5. What’s the national bird of India?

6. Dickie Bird became famous as a what?

Round Six

1. How many beans did Jack have in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?

2. What’s the term for over-carrying in Basketball?

3. Which is the more northerly capital – Oslo or Stockholm?

4. The highest Civil Decoration in France?

5. The Berlin Wall came down in what year?

6. Spaghetti has its origins in which country?

Round Seven

1. Which orchestral instrument has the most strings?

2. Which are most common in the world’s population- blue or brown eyes?

3. In which county is Lavey GAA Club?

4. The official language depicted in the novel 1984?

5. What’s the Italian for ‘Graffitti?

6. The Latin for ‘almost an island’ gives us what word?

Round Eight

1. The oldest man to be president of the USA?

2. Lutz, double axle and toe loop are terms in which sport?

3. Number of months in year without the letter ‘R’ in the name?

4. Which animal is said to screech?

5. Which of the planets seems to have canals on its surface?

6. In what year did Christmas Day last fall before New Year’s Day.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh Go Leir.


Round 1: 1 Robin Hood and his Merry Men. 2 I Found. 3 Iraq 4 1857, 5 Lunch 6 Bob Cratchit.

R2: 1. 100 2 Chess 3 Bridge 4 18, 5 Pontoon 6 Groucho Marx.

R3: 1 Pound 2 Ad Hoc 3 Versailles 4 Bobsleigh 5 Seismology 6 A Heart.

R4: 1 Hans Christian Andersen 2 Mediterranean and Red 3 Romeo and Juliet 4 Think 5 Acupuncture 6 False.

R5: 1 Swan 2 Pike 3 Hen&Chicks 4 Apple 5 Peacock 6 Cricket umpire

R6: 1. 5, 2. Travelling 3. Oslo, 4. Legion D’Honour 5. 1989 6. China

R7: 1. Harp 2. Brown, 3. Derry, 4 Newsspeak 5. ‘I Write’ 6 Penninsula

R8: 1. Ronald Reagan, 2 Ice skating, 3. 8, 4 Owl, 5 Mars, 2006 – it happens every year!